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Autumn News

Leaves are already falling and garages are being prepped for winter work for next season. We’re looking forward to our 2020 race season and wanted to post some news based on the questions we often receive during the winter months. Be sure to sign up for our email list so you’re the first to get notified when we post announcements!

Q: When will Top End be making powered parking spot season reservations for next season? What are the rates and when can I reserve a spot?

A: We expect to open powered parking spot season reservations around January or February. We will make a post on the website with more information when it’s open and ready for public reservations. The online map worked great for 2019 and we expect to use it again for 2020.

Q: When will Top End be posting a schedule for the 2020 season? How many drag races will there be? What about drifting?

A: Last year we posted our schedule before a lot of other tracks and had it up by mid-November. We’re working on our plans for next year and currently don’t have an estimated time for posting our 2020 schedule. We will make a post on the website when it’s ready to go. Nailing down scheduling is just as much a priority for us as it is for you guys!

Q: When can sponsors sign up for signage and promotions? Can I renew my sponsorship with the track?

A: We plan to expand our sponsorship opportunities for next season. A post will be made and our sponsors page will be updated when this information is ready.