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Track Rules

We want everyone’s experience at Interstate Raceway to be safe and enjoyable. Please follow our facility rules whether you’re a spectator or racer.

General Rules

  • No beverages in glass containers. Picking broken glass out of tires is an unpleasant experience and dangerous to our visitors, so we have a facility-wide ban on glass bottles.
  • Dogs are allowed and must be leashed at all times. The events tend to be very loud so we recommend that anxious dogs stay home.

Driving and Vehicles

  • The speed limit for moving around the track is 10 mph. This includes the entrance, staging lanes, pit area, and concession road. The speed limit on the return road (tower to the far field) is 40 mph.
  • All motorized vehicles including pit bikes, scooters, ATVs, and golf carts must be driven by a licensed driver. Children can ride normal bicycles.
  • All passengers must be securely seated in/on moving vehicles. You cannot ride on the tailgate of a truck or while standing on a golf cart, for example.

Drag Racers

  • Attire. No open-toe shoes such as flip-flops. No tank tops. Shoulders must be covered to race.
  • All windows must be rolled up by the time you reach the starting line.
  • Air-conditioning must be turned off by the time you reach the starting line. This prevents the condenser from dripping water on the starting line.
  • Vehicle numbers. Your vehicle number must be written clearly in large numbers/letters on your windshield and the front windows of your vehicle so the tower operator can see them clearly. Unclear numbers can lead to delays or being assigned the wrong number in the timing system. We recommend your numbers be at least 6 inches tall for visibility. Vinyl decals for permanent numbers are appropriate if properly sized.
  • Passengers. You may only have a passenger if your vehicle runs 14.00 sec or slower and you’re not making a pass for bracket racing. Limit one passenger at a time when making passes. All passengers must be 13 years of age or older.
    • If you want to show your parent or significant other how fast your car goes, we recommend bringing them to a Street Legal day!
  • “What does the orange cone on the starting line mean?” If your vehicle has street tires, you will be “coned” when you pull up to the starting line. This means you must keep your wheels aligned with the orange cone and out of the “groove” on the racing surface when you’re making your pass down the track. Street tires tear up surface rubber and we want to keep that groove for vehicles running softer tires.