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Please read our FAQ before using the contact form. Common questions are answered below.

What are the driver and spectator entry fees?

Check out the Admission page. We’ve included a link to ND Drift’s admission page as well.

Was an event cancelled? When is the new schedule posted each season?

The current schedule is always posted on the Schedule page. Updates and cancellations are published on the home page and the event’s specific page within an hour of the change.

The new schedule for each season is finalized over the winter between seasons and does not have a specific posting date. Our social media and website will update with notices once it’s up, so be sure to follow us and share with your friends!

Why are there no drag racing events on the calendar?

We’re still searching for an organization to manage the drag racing program, so we don’t have any drag race events scheduled at this time. If your organization would like to reach out to the track to staff and run the program, hit us up via the Contact form.

Can I reserve a powered parking spot?

We do not allow reservations other than pre-season packages for powered parking spots. Check out our Parking info page for full details.

Can I rent the track for a private event?

Drift track: Due to a packed schedule this year, we’re not booking any private drift events.

Drag strip: The drag strip cannot be rented privately due to insurance and safety requirements. If you’d like to work with us as an organizing body for a public event (similar to what ND Drift does for drifting), send us a message!

Let us know why you're reaching out! We're happy to answer questions and appreciate feedback.
Please check out the FAQ above for commonly asked questions.

Track Address

4147 70th St SW Glyndon MN, 56547