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Upcoming Grassroots Shootout and Matsuri

Kylie Bruner Photography

The heat is up and we’re roasting tires by the dozen out here at Interstate Raceway. Our first two events this month will send up a ton of exciting smoke, so grab the sunscreen and floppy hats. As always, check out the events page for full event details.

$5,000 Grassroots Shootout

We’re starting the month with our local big money tandem competition. The Grassroots Shootout is this weekend. Drivers and crew only on June 30, then we’re open for spectators July 1-3. Come see our fantastic local talent throwing down for some cold cash. Driver slots are sold out!

Are you more of a photographer than a driver? Do you stalk through the grass hunting drifty cars in their natural habitats? We’ve opened media team applications for this event as well as the $10k SRD Drift Challenge. Get your app in before media team slots are filled. Check it out here.

Rescheduled Spring Matsuri

Rescheduled to July 8-10

This hot lap event was moved from May due to way too many Spring showers flooding the facility. Everything has the green light to proceed on July 8-10. Hot lap events allow drivers to continuously enter and exit the track so the action doesn’t stop. The drinks will be cold for this one.

Featured Photo Credit: Kylie Bruner Photography