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This Weekend: Win Big!

It’s finally here – the big shootout weekend! Gates open at 8am. Tech trailer opens at 8:30am. Track goes hot at 10am. Saturday’s events will be eighth mile. Sunday’s events will be quarter mile.

Open Test N Tune by TM Autosports (Sat & Sun)

Open staging will be all day on both days. Saturday is eighth mile and Sunday is quarter mile. You can make as many passes as you want – no competition, just run what you brought. If you’re in the SRD Shootout or Big Money Bracket, you can run Test N Tune passes after being eliminated from competition.

SRD Shootout (Sat)

This is as close to classic street racing as you can get without the cops on your tail. The SRD Shootout is a series of 1/8th mile, heads up races to really see who has the fastest reaction time and quickest car.

Entry to the SRD Shootout is $40, paid at the gate. You’ll pay your class(es) cash-only buy-in at the tech trailer. Link to classes and payouts

Gamblers Bracket (Sat)

This will follow our usual Gamblers Bracket from our points weekends. We’ll be running two classes: Box and No-Box. If you have a delay box, it must be unplugged/removed to run in No-Box.

Entry to the Gamblers Bracket is $40, paid at the gate. You’ll pay your class(es) cash-only buy-in at the tech trailer. We pay out 100% of the pot, so get your buddies to enter! Winner gets 60%, runner-up gets 20%, and losing semi-finalists get 10%.

Big Money Gamblers Race (Sun)

Put your money where your mouth is in this high stakes quarter mile bracket race. If you’ve been to our normal Gamblers race, you know the drill: pony up the cash, run your races, and the winner walks away with stacks of bills. The Big Money Gamblers Race will guarantee the winner a prize of $1500! Runner-up gets $500, and losing semi-finalists get $150.

We run two classes: Box and No-Box. When one class gets down to a single car, that car is combined with the remaining racers in the other class to get a final winner.

Entry to the Big Money Gamblers Race is $100, paid at the gate.