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SRD Shootout & Bracket Gamblers information!!!

SRD Shootout information!!!
Gamblers Bracket race information!!!!

Sorry for the delay, but we need to make sure construction wasn’t going to affect this event.

Saturday, July 28 will be our inaugural SRD Shootout, Gamblers race, and open Test N Tune. We will hold an open TNT from 10am-2pm, then start our racing(Shootout/Gamblers) at 3pm.

Spectator fee is $15, regardless of what time you show up.

1/8th mile. Test N Tune will be open to anyone, including all Shootout and Gamblers racers. If you only want to TNT from 10-2, the cost is $30. If you would like to TNT all day, it will only run you $20 more ($50). If you just want to run the afternoon/evening TNT(3pm-close), the entry is $25.

First, let us thank our sponsors for helping us get this off the ground:

Thelin Auto Body – Sisseton, SD
Dynotune – Watertown, SD
Sandbeck Race Development – West Fargo, ND
Fargo Drag Racing – Fargo, ND

This race will be run in accordance with the rules established for the Cash at the Creek races. We will have the same 3 classes with the same rules.

Races are all 1/8th mile

Track fee: $20 (This is separate from TNT and BUY IN)

BIG TIRE: $100 buy in, 100% 80/20 payout + $1000 GUARANTEED TO WIN!
Any tire. Door cars only.

SMALL TIRE: $100 buy in, 100% 80/20 payout + $1000 GUARANTEED TO WIN!
Up to 29.5 x 10.5 slick (NO Ws) or 325 drag radial.
Factory style roof & quarters.
No full aftermarket composite bodies.
No wheelie bars.
Door cars only.

STREET TIRE: $50 buy in, 100% 80/20 payout + $300 GUARANTEED TO WIN!
DOT tires on all 4.
Current licensing and insurance.
All windows must be glass. Truck rear window lexan ok.
Only hood and bumpers may be fiberglass.
Factory appearing dash. Aftermarket gauges ok.
Carpeted steel or factory floors.
2 front seats.
Must have mufflers. Turbos exempt.
Vehicle must drive to staging lanes and back to pit. No push/pull vehicles.

1/8th mile. We will have a separate gamblers race for our bracket racers. Classes will be BOX and NO BOX. Everyone will get one time trial. If you want more practice hits, morning TNT will be open lanes.

Track fee: $20 (This is separate from TNT and BUY IN)

BUY IN: $100 per class

PAYOUT: 100%, split 80/20 to Winner/Runner Up.

Payout example: If we get 10 cars in a class, the winner will take home $800 on their $120 entry.

We will have powered pit spots available for $25/day.