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May Drifting the Plains Winners

The competitors stuck it out for a rainy, wet weekend and pulled off some fantastic drifting. Despite the water on the track there were minimal incidents, and the freshly painted walls are still intact…for now. Big thanks to our title sponsor KBD Body Kits.

Missed the event? Check out the feature video over on That Track Channel.

Fargo Drifting Open Series

The current points standings have been updated. Check out the DTP Points Series page.

1st – Ole Ryumshyn
Award: $200 from Photos by TRJ

2nd – Ben Reiswig
Award: $100 by Evolution Fitness

3rd – Andrew Ness
Award: $50 by Evolution Fitness

4th – Ethan Reed
Award: A high-five. We love you.

Fargo Drifting Limited Series

This new tandem series is sponsored by Fargo Drifting for vehicles that are closer to stock-tier and encourages newer drivers to join in!

1st – Nate Carlstrom

2nd – Wesley Nagel

3rd – Keegan Nell

4th – Michael Thomas

Featured Photo Credit: Marissa Berresford snapped this photo of Andrew Ness’s family watching him land his first podium.