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LIST races rescheduled.

For any racers that participate in our LIST races that are held on TM Autosports Street Legal Days, we are moving them from Saturday, September 29, to Sunday, September 23.  Due to the SRD Shootout on the 29th, we won’t have time to run the LIST races.

We are currently looking for more street cars from the area to participate in our LIST races.  Spots 9 & 10 are wide open and we’re looking for some new racers!

If you’re unfamiliar with the LIST races, it is an eighth-mile, heads up, no time race for our area’s quickest street cars. The LIST races have the following rules:

1. Current registration. (You must have paperwork. Tabs don’t count)

2. Current insurance. (You must have paperwork.)

3. Any tire.

4. Wheelie bars allowed.

5. 1/8 mile

6. No tow backs. Vehicles must drive back to the pits under their own power.(breakage excluded)

7. Competitors must do the street cruise if challenged by another competitor(The challenging competitor must do the cruise as well). The cruise must be done in race trim.

8. Callouts will be handled at the track, the day of the race.

9. A racer may move up or down 3 spots in any given race day. Four may be allowed if both parties agree. Spotblocking is not allowed.

10. Be ready to hot lap your car. If you can’t make the call, you lose the spot.


The current LIST looks like this:

1. Matt Sandbeck – ’89 Mustang
2. Lucas Berg – ’79 Malibu
3. Dan Thelin – 63 Nova
4. Ben Noonan – ’62 Chevy II
5. Todd Oberholtzer – ’69 Chevelle
6. Devin Rachac – ’80 Monza
7. Mat Adams – ’02 Trans Am
8. Ben Schroeder – ’72 Nova
9. Open
10. Open