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Changes for 2018

Hello racers and race fans!

New season, new owners, new site and admin! We want to make information and policies about the track more accessible and clearer for the public so everyone is on the same page and there’s less confusion during race time. Here are some points of interest:

  • Admission fees have changed. See the Entry & Race Fees page under Track Info.
  • Parking has changed. The layout has been updated with the addition of the drift track on the west side of the property. See the Parking page under Track Info.
  • Saturdays have been restructured. Saturdays have been changed from a Box/No-Box Gamblers race to a points day like Sundays. “Consolation” is being renamed “Gamblers”.
  • Sponsorship has changed. We have a referral program for racers who bring sponsors to the track. See the Sponsors page.

In the website revamp we added a lot more features.

  • Email updates – Tired of checking our home page every hour before race day for weather delays? No more! Sign up on our email newsletter list and you’ll receive an email within minutes of a new announcement being posted.
  • Online Calendar – When do street legal days start? What day is the swap meet? It’s all posted on our Events page, and you can add our calendar to your personal one on mobile. Never be late for a race day again.
  • Comment system – The website has comments below its posts so you can give us feedback and share your race day fun. Bonus points for sharing pictures.
  • We’re back on Instagram – Come follow the crew! @topenddragways
  • We’re now on Twitter – Come follow the crew! @topenddragways