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Bracket Weekend #4 Recap

Congratulations to our winners in the bracket points series and Gambler series! We had large payouts and there was a lot of great competition. With extra time we ran a Consolation race on Saturday and a 50/50 Package race on both days.

Next weekend is our third Drifting the Plains event and we hope you’ll join us for some grassroots drifting.

Gambler Trophy

  • Winner: Tyler Waege
  • Runner-Up: Alison Schmude

Gambler No-Box

  • Winner: Dan Butler
  • Runner-Up: Adam Tucker

Gambler Box

  • Winner: Hasso Rothenbacher
  • Runner-Up: Terry Locke

Junior Dragster

  • Saturday Winner: Deegan Staudinger
  • Saturday Runner-Up: Skylar Klassen
  • Sunday Winner: Nicholaus Hauck
  • Sunday Runner-Up: Deegan Staudinger


  • Winner: Kevin Peterson
  • Runner-Up: Grant Pesola

50/50 Package

  • Saturday Winner: Dan Butler
  • Sunday Winner: Vern Murphy


  • Winner: Bob Kuntz
  • Runner-Up: Boyce Kluting
  • Semi-finalist: Bryan Funk

Pro ET

  • Winner: Grant Pesola
  • Runner-Up: Richard Tadych
  • Semi-Finalists: Adam Tucker & Ed Rothschadl


  • Winner: Devin Rachac
  • Runner-Up: Layne Robertson
  • Semi-Finalists: Dennis Olmstead & Bob Kuntz

Super Pro

  • Winner: Terry Locke
  • Runner-Up: Jeff Korol
  • Semi-Finalist: Hasso Rothenbacher


  • Winner: Mike Voss
  • Runner-Up: Chad Seeba
  • Semi-Finalist: Richard Tadych

Quick 16

  • Winner: Derrick Mooridian
  • Runner-Up: Adam Tucker
  • Semi-Finalist: Bob Kuntz

Small Tire

  • Winner: John Schmidtt

Featured Photo Credit: Chuck Bogus @