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2023 Drag Racing

drag strip starting lights

In early February, we started searching for a group to handle managing and running the drag racing side of the facility. While we were unable to find a group ready to take over in time for this season, we are continuing our conversations with individuals and organizations that have expressed interest in taking over drag strip operations. Like us, they are trying to find and organize the resources it takes to run a race weekend. It takes a healthy amount of staffing, time, and organization behind the scenes to put on drag racing events. The company that owns Interstate Raceway has other businesses to maintain, and there’s only so much energy to go around without being spread too thin or reaching burnout. And this isn’t the fun, tire roasting kind of burnout.

What’s Next?

Fear not: The drag strip is not shutting down permanently. We’re looking into more management options for next year. While we’re unable to host a full season this year, a group of local racers is managing a no-prep race on August 26th featuring heads-up classes as well as 7.50 & 6.50 index classes. Check it out at Going UnGlued on Facebook.

To our supporters, we appreciate you immensely. It’s wonderful to hear everyone’s pre-season excitement and shared memories at the drag strip. We’re excited to see what the new organizers have in store for future seasons and to welcome everyone back on a strong note.

Thank you for understanding.