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2022 $10k SRD Drift Challenge

The biggest drifting event of the summer is only a few days away! We’re looking forward to hosting the best drivers and tons of spectators to cheer them on. All the details including daily scheduling are on the event page.

Spectator Info

  • Bring a canopy and/or folding chairs. It’s going to be hot so pack the sunscreen too!
  • The gate accepts card or cash. Concessions stand is cash only, so hit an ATM before you arrive.
  • Leave drinks in glass bottles at home please. No one wants a cut foot or popped tire.
  • New to drifting? Get a rundown on how it works here.
  • Pick a driver (or several) to cheer for from the awesome spotlights ND Drift has posted.
    • If you want to cheer for all the cars, that’s cool too. “Yay loud cars” is legit.
  • Spectator parking is in the large field to the north of the entry road. From the gate, swing a left, then the field to your right is where you’ll go.
  • Spectator days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Full schedule on the event page.

Driver Info

  • Your roll in day is Thursday for setup and tech.
  • Please keep your pit area organized during the event.
  • Pit area speed is 10 miles per hour, so cruise it low and slow for us. It’s safer, plus it makes you look cooler.
  • The ND Drift and Interstate Raceway crews wish you all safe travels to and from the event!

Featured Image Credit: Robert Goodwin Photography captured Alec Robbins in his 350z